Ibogaine detox therapy is now an internationally recognized alternative method of addiction treatment. It has long-standing tradition of application in Mexico, where several providers and centers have achieved excellence in their work.

Ibogaine therapy requires highly specialized skills, which combine medical expertise with an ability to hold compassionate, yet neutral space for an individual who is going through physically and emotionally vulnerable process, sometimes referred to as “soul re-birth”.

Altered states of consciousness (ASC) induced by Ibogaine often provide valuable psychological insights and sense of urgency to heal the body, repair broken relationships with significant others, and adopt healthy habits. The process of detoxing with Ibogaine can be very intense and in most cases disrupts biological cycles: sleep, digestion and emotional balance. Taking time to rest and focus on integration after the Ibogaine detox is invaluable.

In fact most providers today recognize the aftercare / integration process as critical for achievement of a goal of lasting recovery. There is an understanding of addiction as complex, multi-faceted condition and the need for therapeutic aftercare as instrumental to covering an Ibogaine detox into a lasting recovery. 

Living Clean Ibogaine is the program that specializes exclusively on therapeutic, habit-forming aftercare. 

We proudly recommend the following Ibogaine treatment centers and individual provider

Awakening in the Dream House
After 10 years of safely providing 100's of complete Ibogaine treatments, for many purposes from detoxification to psycho-spiritual development to relief from psychological maladies, the Awakening in the Dream House is pleased to be collaborating with Living Clean Ibogaine to provide one of the potentially highest transformational experiences possible.  Rocky and Asha Caravelli have known each other 30 years through the creation, destruction and re-birthing of their own family, foundationally built on teachings from Iboga.  They provide their combined experience, safety training and traditions in their work with Ibogaine to support your goals.
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The Sunrise Center
The Sunrise Center is more than a place to take Ibogaine. When you arrive you can expect to be treated as an old friend. You can expect a bed and breakfast feeling where you're being cared for by medical professionals who are truly compassionate and loving. Different from other centers, we intentionally steer away from the sterile, clinical type of environment. This has proved to enhance your comfort, level of trust and most of all your long term results.