Can Ibogaine end addiction, depression or alcohol abuse? What makes long-term effects possible?

  Re-engaging with natural happiness ... is a process that requires skill, love and patience. (With a patient in post-ibogaine therapy. April, 2014).

Re-engaging with natural happiness ... is a process that requires skill, love and patience. (With a patient in post-ibogaine therapy. April, 2014).

Ibogaine is an addiction interruptor, not a cure. It creates a symptom-free "window of opportunity" and can be catalyst for personal transformation. The quality of post-treatment care plays a critical role in long-term recovery. This is why Living Clean Ibogaine specializes in professional aftercare that includes integration therapy and continued care.

For over three decades, researchers and providers have studied the effects of Ibogaine as a cure for drug, alcohol and nicotine addiction, and psychological issues such as depression and eating disorders. Today there is no doubt about the unparalleled effects of Ibogaine as an addiction interruptor, but in order to heal addiction, Ibogaine must be placed in the context of a recovery program that provides professional and dedicated support for all phases of healing. 

Living Clean Ibogaine is the only center in Mexico that provides professional Ibogaine aftercare, with a commitment to supporting long-term recovery. 

Our effective and holistic approach blends modern psychology, traditional medicine and Integrative western medicine. 

“Integration therapy” or “Aftercare”?

Integrating the effects of Ibogaine treatment means transforming our daily lives so that they become consistent with new insights and health commitments.

We provide specialized support to make this level of personal transformation possible.  Our integration therapies are always individualized to meet your unique needs in recovery. 

Can a typical aftercare help you successfully navigate through post-Ibogaine recovery?

"Ibogaine presents a symptom-free window of opportunity which the patient and therapist must take advantage of." (Howard Lotsoff)

Restorative modalities offered in many aftercare programs, such as massage and wholesome diet are important. However what makes a real difference for your full recovery is receiving professional guidance from therapists who have specific training and skills that include experience in addiction therapy, psychotherapy and the therapeutic application of psychoactive medicine. 

Our priority is to offer you these unique skills through our programs. Our team includes internationally recognized experts with decades of training and experience.

You can count on our post-detox care being specialized, professional and robust. We are passionate and fiercely committed to giving you the best in the field of Ibogaine–assisted recovery.


Research Articles:

Aftercare – The Difference Between Success and Relapse

(Donnely J, Journal of Legal Medicine, 2011)

“Probably the single most importnt question in ibogaine therapy is the question of aftercare [...] Individuals who remained clean were all people who checked themselves into an aftercare program.”

Ibogaine: Treatment Outcomes and Observations


"Ibogaine presents a symptom- free window of opportunity which the patient and therapist must take advantage of.”

(Lotsoff, 1994)

What if you're taking Ibogaine to recover from addiction or psychological issues?

After Ibogaine detox treatment, your body will need to restore its natural biological cycles and your psyche will need to process new insights that are often symbolic in nature.

It is also natural to experience strong emotions and tension between the desire to establish new healthy routines and the pull of old familiar coping mechanisms.

The task of a professional therapist who specializes in integration is to help you solidify life-transforming insights into new patterns of behavior. Depending on the nature and severity of substance dependency, we recommend an integration therapy retreat of 6 weeks minimum stay in our inpatient program, followed by 3 months of outpatient support. 

What if you're taking Iboga for psycho-spiritual reasons?

Your physical state will be impacted by Iboga ceremony even if you don’t have a history of substance abuse. It will take a few days to fully reestablish healthy sleep and eating cycles as well as re-integration of body, mind and spirit.

The insights and visions experienced during non-ordinary states of consciousness induced by Iboga or Ayahuasca can be of great value for your daily life.

At our retreat center in the mountains of central Mexico, you will have a unique opportunity to indulge in self-reflection, art-therapy, meditation and other practices that are specifically designed to help you implement the lessons received you’re your experience with the sacred plants into you daily lives.

We recommend at least 7 days of post-Ibogaine integration therapy retreat to complete your psycho-spiritual experience with Iboga.