Dear Valued Guest,
Our aftercare program in Mexico is permanently closed due to relocation. We will be providing aftercare support in Northern California, USA starting June 1st, 2018.
Please note, that we specialize in therapeutic aftercare only. We have not been providing Ibogaine detox and will not be providing detox services in the future. If you need a detox, please contact our affiliated providers or any other treatment center of your choice.
Our new website for the aftercare support services is under construction. Please contact us for further information. Thank you for your patience!

Into The Medicine Lodge
7-14 Days
  • Ibogaine treatment program with one of our affiliated providers, followed by a supported transition to our integrative medicine retreat center.
The Wheel Of Life
42 Days (recommended)
  • Full-scale integration therapy retreat
  • Traditional medicine of Amazon, Chinese Medicine, Indivdidualized mindfullness course, group and individual therapy; yoga, art,somatic and nutritional therapies, naturopathic medical treatments
  • Indigenous healing ceremonies
Warrior's Quest
60 - 90 Days
  • Focus on family therapy and social integration
  • Individualized full-length program. Includes social integration, family therapy, community living and productive skills development.

7 Days
  • Recovery reinforcement retreat (required 1-3 times per first year of recovery)
  • Indigenous medicine ceremonies, integration practices with art therapy, family constellation, Chinese medicine, counseling.
21 Days (recommended)
  • Individualized retreat
  • Structured day, personalized compassionate support, daily group meetings, yoga, art projects and mindfullness practices to integrate indigenous medicine ceremonies
  • Sacred plant medicine of Amazon
180 Days
Holistic living, combined with training (retreat facilitation, program development) and work-trade.

Integrative Medicine Retreat

  • Established for over 15 years
  • Only 2 hours away from Mexico City Int'l Airport
  • Secluded in lush subtropical nature
  • Safe, historic and friendly part of Mexico

Unique Therapies

  • Sacred Plant medicines of the Americas
  • Blend of psychotherapy, Chinese medicine and nutritional therapy
  • Family-centered recovery model
  • Long-term recovery planning and support


  • Dedicated, professional facilitators
  • Supervised by Medical Director with clinical training in Harvard
  • Sacred medicines are provided only by Curanderos trained and initiated by indigenous doctors.

How much does Ibogaine treatment cost in Mexico? 

Since 2012 our program specializes in therapeutic aftercare, which is of critical importance to your full recovery. You can significantly reduce the cost of your Ibogaine treatment if you work with one of our affiliated providers.

Depending on the level of comfort you desire, the Ibogaine treatment itself can cost anywhere from 4,000 to 8,000 USD. There are some luxury-oriented providers who charge even more than that. We typically collaborate with reasonably priced, highly professional centers who consistently take good care of their patients and refer them to us with adequate clinical notes.

Simply put, we will package your whole process from Ibogaine detox to aftercare, so your family can afford it. We never leave anyone without help and guidance. Let's get in touch and find a solution together.

What to expect from Ibogaine aftercare?

While Ibogaine - treatment centers specialize in detox, we are primarily concerned in supporting your full recovery. The key concept here is integration: emotional, physical, spiritual and social. We achieve that goal by providing a unique experience:

Come to our established integrative medicine retreat center. Join a therapeutic community and activate your strengths, while being held compassionately when you work through your shadow. Heal emotional and mental wounds of addiction by participating in Ayahuasca ceremonies, group and individual therapy, daily yoga, meditation, and nature-based therapies.

If you have any questions why professional aftercare is essential to your treatment plan, give us a call or check out the research articles.

If you are considering Ibogaine treatment primarily for self-development or spiritual growth, aftercare may not be as critical as in the case of post-addiction recovery.  A post-treatment retreat is nonetheless recommended in order to fully process the insights revealed by Iboga. Our professional aftercare will help you to restore balanced eating and sleeping cycles and establish a healthy routine that will support your transition to daily life. Continued care retreats are designed to support your sobriety in the months and years after Ibogaine treatment.

Will Ibogaine treatment costs cover the level of expertise and quality of care to meet your needs?

Ibogaine is not just a detox mechanism, it is a powerful psychoactive entheogen that reveals layers of repressed emotional material and spiritual insights. An intense experience with Ibogaine calls for support by professionals with training and experience in psychedelic-assisted therapy.  Not just medical, but also psychological and spiritual support are important parts of safe & effective Ibogaine treatment.  

At Living Clean Ibogaine, we provide you with the level of expertise that is needed to fully integrate your experience of Ibogaine. Our therapeutic team specializes in psychedelic-assisted therapy. Our goal is to help you access the transformational potential of Ibogaine and solidify it in your daily life. Learn more about our team and therapeutic model...

Our reasonable costs are “all inclusive”:  We prioritize top standards of medical care, making sure that only providers who meet these standards are involved. Our affiliated providers use the highest quality Total Alkaloid Iboga and pharmaceutical grade Ibogaine to reach an effective outcome. We consider the importance of "set and setting" during Ibogaine treatment, to provide a more gentle and profound experience. Learn about the difference of our treatment

During the aftercare phase you will stay in our retreat facilities where we provide an organic, nutrient-rich diet designed to help your brain and nervous system regenerate, and individually selected herbal supplements and adaptogens. Our signature touch is blending expert-level psychotherapy, traditional and naturopathic medicine.