You are about to choose one of the most powerful psychoactive medicines on the planet to transform your life.  It makes sense to ensure compassionate and dedicated therapeutic support during your treatment, as well as privacy and comfort in your treatment facility:

We got you covered:

Our retreat is a well-established integrative medicine center. It features 10 acres of permaculture gardens with private bungalows, flotation (sensory isolation) tank, jade beds, herbal supplement laboratory, and yoga/ceremony structure.

In addition to that, our program provides integration therapies and emotional support during and after the treatment. This level of psycho-spiritual support makes a big difference when undergoing a therapy with psychoactive plant medicines.

Safety during treatment is always the top priority:

Our affiliated providers perform the ibogaine sessions with the support of an on-duty emergency medical crew. Meanwhile, our therapeutic team will focus on helping you restore your healthy biological cycles after the session (primarily sleep and digestion) and integrate your insights with art-therapy and counseling. We enjoy giving everyone plenty of individual attention and loving care. We work with you in a peaceful, unhurried manner, refreshingly different from a clinical detox facility.

Affiliated therapists with years of experience and verifiable safety record provide the Ibogaine sessions.

The Iboga experience facilitates a profound revision of one’s personal history and life situation, as well as adjustment of one’s behavior and role in the family and society.

In the Bwiti tradition of Africa, Iboga has been used in the ceremonial context honoring the unique properties of this plant that today is internationally acknowledged for its catalyzing effect on human transformation. For the Bwiti, the Iboga rite of passage ceremony signified initiation into a new phase of life and a new social role within the tribal community. The importance of initiation was so great that one who had partaken in it was referred to as “one who saw” or who “has known the truth”.