To end addiction you need more than Ibogaine detox. Welcome to a unique program where we help one family at a time to achieve lasting recovery.

Ibogaine Treatment in Mexico

Living Clean Ibogaine has helped dozens of families, where loved ones struggled with chronic addiction problems. Since 2012, we've provided realistic and compassionate aftercare, blending groundbreaking modern therapies with ancient healing traditions. Folks often reach out us after they had been treated with Ibogaine or just starting to plan their detox. Not every aftercare program is the same. We partner with one person and one family at a time, to be able to guide and support you on this courageous path of self-discovery and transformation. Read more »

Our programs are focused on family involvement and are individually crafted to meet your unique needs. These aren't just words, we actually work this way! By blending soul-awakening traditional healing practices and practical tools for self-care, our goal is to help you achieve lasting recovery and a sense of new meaning and power to navigate your daily life.

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Ibogaine Aftercare Retreats

  • Located in one of the world's most pristine and beautiful settings: Mount Shasta, California.
  • Safe and easily accessible.
  • Friendly area of California with great variety of nature activities, from hiking, winter sports, fishing and natural hot-springs.

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Unique Integration Therapies

  • Traditional indigenous medicine of the Americas.
  • Integrative Medicine, Acupuncture and holistic Psychotherapy in collaboration with licensed, experienced clinicians.
  • Training in self-care, emotional self-regulation, life-planning and whole-family participation.

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Ancestral Tradition

  • Traditional medicine provided under guidance of an indigenous doctor, respected elder and community leader from Amazon.
  • Our program is fair-trade and provides sustainable contribution to all teachers, guides and collaborating clinicians.
  •   We practice client-centered approach, with gentle, respectful and life-affirming attitude.

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