"Probably the single most important question in ibogaine treatment is the question of aftercare" 

Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) 2003. full text in PDF


Living Clean Ibogaine aftercare is unique in the following key ways: 

  • It is professional. Our therapeutic team is a networks of professionals in the fields of traditional medicine, psychotherapy and holistic psychiatry. Our team also includes transpersonal psychologists, doctors of indigenous medicine (curanderos), somatic therapists, certified yoga instructors;
  • It is cutting-edge. We research and apply the most advanced therapeutic model in the field of entheogen-assisted addiction recovery. 
  • It is affordable. Our basic program is flexible and affordable. We are not driven by profit-seeking, and make each dollar go towards the value of services you receive. While we do provide higher-end options for more elaborate clients, the heart of our program is accessible to people of modest financial abilities.
  • It is fair and honest. We only provide access to modalities delivered by properly trained and peer-supervised practitioners of traditional medicine. We strive to achieve fair economic model that honors traditional healers from North & South America, their families and communities, so you can access their sacred medicines in a good way and receive effective healing, not a colorful trip. Sound therapeutic and ritual context is never compromised;
  • It is inspiring. We are located in a magical, lush area known as ecological wonder of the world.
  • It is effective. We provide individualized integration therapies to solidifying new behavioral patterns and coping mechanisms into daily life so that your Ibogaine treatment can become an initiation into a new self.

Our commitment is to support your journey to full recovery.

Please note: You can access our specialized Ibogaine aftercare in Mexico immediately after completing your detox at any treatment center of your choice.

We also provide long-term support as week-long retreats which are effective in reinforcing your new commitments and healing relationship with your loved ones, so bring them along.