Welcome to one of Mexico's most revered sites of spiritual power known to be a safe and friendly destination for thousands of international travelers every year. 

Our holistic retreat is located in close vicinity to pre-hispanic temples and places of spiritual power that are among the most revered in Mexico from ancient to modern times. Pilgrims have travelled to the mountains and springs surrounding our retreat center for healing and rites of passage since antiquity and today it remains the second most-visited pilgrimage site in the country. We minutes away from the Aztec temple of the Jaguar and Eagle, the colonial town of Malinalco, and the ancient city of Xochicalco, known for its sacred architecture and pre-colombian observatory. Our sanctuary is an idilic alternative to conventional rehab.


With respect for these ancient traditions that are still alive on this land today, we introduce our guests to these places of power as a part of supporting their journey towards healing & recovery. 

How is this helpful for your healing process?

Your decision to change implies building new inner resources - spirital strength, wisdom, and a sense of belonging within a supportive community.  These resources are awakened as we hear the voices of ancestral wisdom in songs, symbols, artwork, and legends.  We may be deaf to this knowledge now, but Iboga and other plant medicines can open pathways to understanding these symbolic and universal languages and how they relate to our wellbeing. Ancient wisdom teaches us that as people, we have an innate ability to overcome illness & suffering when we follow our true path.  By learning to follow our higher calling we can find the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that is essential to living clean long-term. 


Temple of Jaguar and Eagle

The Aztec civilization built this temple on the peaks of a fertile mountain valley as a site of initiation for the Eagle and Jaguar warrior lineages. The most masterful warriors were trained & initiated and they went on to lead the development of spirituality and culture in ancient Mesoamerica. Today we climb to the temple to find inspiration in the art and symbolism of the rites of passage of these ancient warriors. 



This charming provincial town is a safe place to explore Mexico's ancient and modern culture.  Taking a walk through the narrow cobble streets, we can explore a bohemian tea house, admire the cathedral, dine in restaurants, stop by artist's studios, or buy fresh fruits at the farmer's market.

According to local elders, this town has been an important crossroads of learning where pilgrims from across the ancient Americas came to study the arts of spirituality & mystical warfare that defined the ancient civilizations of the Americas. 


"Tepoz" is a mystical and charming town that become a mecca for seekers of Mexico's unique culture of traditional healing. It is a safe, friendly and cosmopolitan town with a vibrant marketplace and art scene. 



Built on top of a mountain overlooking a vast valley, this well-preserved ancient city is a place where one can appreciate the magnificence of Mexico's ancient art, technology and spirituality. This destination is much less visited by tourists, compared to other sacred sites and as such, it offers a serene atmosphere for contemplation.