The aftercare facilities

Our program is located on a 6-acre private mountain retreat in a lush subtropical valley, at about 5,577' (1,700 m) elevation in the Sierra Mountains.  The climate is moderate with mild humidity, pleasantly warm day temperatures (+27C) that cool down at night. 

This area is revered as a sacred site and a place of power and is the second most visited pilgrimage site in Mexico from prehispanic to modern times. The Mexica (Aztec) temple of the Jaguar and Eagle Warriors is beautifully preserved in the mountains surrounding our retreat center. (See pictures in our aftercare activities).  

Eco-Lodging: Our retreat center offers 7 beautiful cottages for either single or shared occupancy (based on availability). Bathrooms may also be private or shared (based on availability). For the most part we offer single occupancy for your residency.

Most of our cottages are built using sustainable materials and are surrounded by lush gardens in order to provide a natural environment that is conducive to healing and restoration. Some cottages have kitchenettes and sitting areas for added comfort and our main "palapa" is equipped with snacks and tea around the clock. Be prepared to be immersed by nature and living beings (including many colorful birds, our dogs, and mostly friendly insects). 

Our facility is a fully operational ecological retreat center managed by a licensed Medical Doctor, Dr. Carlos Alvear Lopez. We have central WiFi for your convenience but please be prepared to disconnect for periods at a time as part of your therapeutic experience. Weekly laundry service is included in your stay. Rooms are serviced by our housekeeping staff twice per week. The center provides comfortable accommodations, hot showers, healthy and delicious meals prepared with organic produce, use of art studio and yoga/meditation space as well as many acres of organic orchards and gardens. You will experience the serenity of the surrounding natural setting, cleanliness, rustic comfort and a unique style.


Access: The retreat is 2 hours drive from Mexico City.  We’ll provide a pick-up service in Mexico City and will be happy to arrange for your transportation from anywhere in Mexico or internationally.