Safe & ethical Ibogaine detox & aftercare

While the comfort of the facilities is important, what matters most is the safety and effectiveness of the Ibogaine detox process. Our therapeutic model gives you a choice of small network of affiliated providers.  It is important to note that  top medical and ethical standards are practiced in both of these treatment options. 

Psychological support:

In addition to medical safety, we give great attention to psychological support before, during and after your session. We specialize in post-treatment integration therapy, which is critically important for solidifying your long-term recovery.  Our therapists have years of training and experience in the application of psychoactive plant medicines in the treatment of addictions and behavioral issues. This level of expertise makes our program unique in the field.

Medical Parameters Summary:

  • Comprehensive intake evaluation and pre-session medical testing: A liver panel test, EKG, additional blood test and detailed consultation with a Ibogaine detox professional. Investigation of medications and lifestyle and medical history to determine the counter-indications, if any;
  • Qualified supervision and access to private hospital emergency services: Supervision during treatment by experienced providers, access to hospital emergency medicine department, medical doctor on call or on site;
  • Highest pharmaceutical grade Ibogaine: Manufactured by recognized, reputable sources;
  • Ibogaine metabolism observation for correct dosage: Interview and observation for Ibogaine metabolism detection by an experienced provider, beyond the weight/milligrams ratio;
  • Administration by qualified providers: Only providers with professional training and demonstrable track record in Ibogaine administration are admitted to practice;
  • Availability of additional sessions: In case of the presence of addiction symptoms post the initial treatment, additional session or boosters are provided to enhance the detox process.
  • Access to specialized integration therapies: Specialized integration is an important factor for long-term results of ibogaine detox. At the very least first weeks and months after the treatment should include psychotherapy, regenerative nutrition and Ibogaine boosters when necessary.
At Living Clean, we support Global Ibogaine Therapist Alliance (GITA) guidelines of ethics and safety. While the uniform standards of Ibogaine application continue to evolve, following these basic criteria of application helps ensure that your Ibogaine experience will be safe and ethically sound. For more information, to support GITA's efforts, or to report any problems with your Ibogaine treatment in Mexico or internationally, please follow this link to GITA's page.