Temazcal - why we do it before and after the Iboga detox ceremony?

Making the most of your Ibogaine treatment in Mexico:

Temazcal (traditional sweat lodge) is an ancient tradition for purification of body and soul. It is a powerful way to prepare for the Ibogaine Detox and to integrate the experience.

Most people seek Ibogaine treatment in Mexico simply because this therapy is legal here.  However Mexico is also a land of ancient healing traditions that are alive and available for people in recovery from a range of modern diseases – substance abuse, depressions and addictions.

These powerful traditions are still passed on from generation to generation and range from the ceremonial use of sacred plant medicines to rituals such as Temazcal. 


It’s a pity that most leave Mexico shortly after ibogaine detox without ever benefiting from these traditions.  During our integration therapy retreats we make sure that authentic ceremony leaders guide us through such wonderful experiences as Temazcal.

What’s so special about Temazcal? 

Temazcal allows one to experience a joyful and therapeutic state induced by heat, prayer and song within a circle of supportive, open-hearted people. This feeling of natural, drug-free high is the best affirmation that the coming phase of living clean can be vibrant and rewarding.

As you can see from the photos, the Temazcal experience is a beautiful process that brings us closer to each other and to nature. It brings back a sense of unity and trust between people. It helps one to encounter the shadow – negative thoughts and emotions - without feeling overwhelmed and helpless. 

The physical benefits of this purification are followed by a state of  deep and peaceful rest and sleep after Temazcal. This is a huge benefit for someone who has recently been through the Ibogaine detox and may be experiencing serious  problems sleeping. Restoring sleep cycles is an absolutely essential part of recovery after Ibogaine. Temazcal provides a much needed relief from this problem. 

It also stimulates a healthy appetite.  Delicious, natural food from our organic gardens is a part of the ritual at our center.

While Ibogaine opens the door to the possibility of living life without drugs,  Temazcal is a way to actually practice this new way of being.

It gives an incredibly rewarding feeling of building something together, sitting close to each other, letting go of troubling thoughts and emotions and replacing them with feeling clean, renewed and confident of our inner strength.

If you are coming to Mexico for Ibogaine treatment plan it right.

Make sure that the weeks following Ibogaine detox are filled with activities that make recovery real and long term. Mexico’s culture of traditonal healing is rich and powerful. We are here to help make it available to you during our integration therapy retreats.