Are you ready to change your life?  We are here to support your full recovery with groundbreaking, heart and soul centered therapies. Our professional team individually tailors your therapeutic program, offering an intensive healing experience during post detox phase. Most importantly, we are here for you on a long-term basis to support your continued recovery. 


  Warm-hearted support comes from our retreat guests and volunteers, who travel from many corners of the world. 

Warm-hearted support comes from our retreat guests and volunteers, who travel from many corners of the world. 

We support your Ibogaine-assisted recovery with a therapeutic, educational and innovative program. Located at a beautiful eco-retreat center, we provide a cutting-edge combination of Integrative Medicine with MD supervision, restorative nutrition, Acupuncture and Integral Psychology to help you solidify your recovery.

We also work with traditional healers who employ powerful indigenous plant medicines shown to be effective in the treatment of addiction and other emotional and psychological conditions, where appropriate. 

Once you have completed our in-patient care, you will continue walking your new path with strength and confidence. To ensure a sustained recovery, our team is behind you for the long-term with personalized weekly mentorship at no extra cost. We also offer recovery reinforcement retreats for you and your loved ones.

How to start planning for your treatment:

  1. Is our program a good match for your needs? Our compassionate therapists will speak with you to address your specific concerns. 
  2. Be 100% safe at all times. Your well-being is our highest priority. We provide a comprehensive medical screening to determine the appropriate treatment protocol. Emotional support is available for you each step of the way.
  3. Plan ahead to re-enter your daily life. You are not alone. We will help you plan ahead for your new life and provide ongoing support. Join our continued care retreats with your family to heal together or give back to those who care.


Into The Medicine Lodge

7 days* (in-patient)

Ibogaine treatment is an intense process of addiction interruption and self-examination that can present valuable, life-changing insights. In addition to medical safety, we ensure that your journey is contained in a warm-hearted, compassionate and spiritually uplifting environment. We give professional attention to helping you understand and emotionally process this life-transforming experience. Our team includes medical doctors, traditional healers and experienced psychologists.

For those who seek treatment for poly-substance abuse, consultation with our psychopharmacologist will be critical to determine a safe detox protocol.

  • Guidance in preparation
  • Psychopharmacological consultation
  • Emotional support
  • Choice between ceremonial and clinical detox with our affiliated providers
  • Top medical safety parameters
  • Art therapy, breath-work and bodywork


The Warrior’s Quest

14 - 28 days

The real self-work starts after the ibogaine treatment. Therapeutic aftercare is necessary to solidify recovery long-term. Our beautiful retreat center, with its vibrant community of holistic practitioners and permaculture gardens, is an ideal setting for healing.

First, our naturopathic MD will help you bring balance to your physical and emotioanal body, and restore sleep and nutrition cycles that are often disrupted by addiction and detox.

As your physical health improves, we engage you into deeper emotional healing processes and help you establish healthy daily routines. Through this process, your daily life can become not only manageable, but also joyful and expansive. Our psychologists engage in helping you rebuild trust with loved ones and plan for your transition back into daily life.

  • Naturopathic medicine
  • Traditional Amazonian plant medicine
  • Acupuncture and Chinese medicine
  • Psychotherapy
  • Nutrition
  • Daily yoga therapy and meditation
  • Horticultural therapy
  • Temazcal (Mexican sweat lodge)
  • Supportive community environment
“When your body, mind and soul have been through hell for years, you need at least a few weeks to get on the path of health and emotional balance. Therapeutic aftercare is just as important as Ibogaine treatment when your life is at stake. We honor your courage and are here when you need us.“ — Danesh Oleshko, LLM, Co-founder


Walking The Path

18 months (out-patient)

Walking the path of long-term recovery can be the most fruitful time of your life. During this time, we provide guidance in achieving new goals and healing relationship with significant others. We consider this phase to be so important that we include ongoing individualized mentorship at no extra cost.

Happiness is a natural outcome of nourishing your soul. You can also join our week-long reinforcement retreats with your family and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and effective, ongoing healing methods.

  • Reinforcement retreats
  • Personalized mentorship
  • Family and couple's therapy
  • Entheogen-assisted therapies
“This unique therapeutic model provides an alternative path to recovery based on healing with entheogenic plant medicines. These medicines can catalyze deep transformational processes when you get the right support.“ — Richard Grossman LAc., O.M.D. PhD

Scientific research and practical knowledge behind our method:

The Living Clean method is based on important new discoveries in the field of addiction treatment and psychological conditions with the help of psychoactive plant medicines. A body of scientific research and practice provides evidence for the safety and effectiveness of this alternative path to healing:

"Probably the single most important question in Ibogaine treatment is the question of aftercare." MAPS, 2003 "Ibogaine: Treatment options and observations".

"Aftercare - The Difference Between Success and Relapse" Jennifer R. Donnelly (2011) The need for Ibogaine in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment, Journal of Legal Medicine 32:11 

"It is extremely important to plan ahead and make use of this time ("window of opportunity" after ibogaine detox") and make use of this time in the most effective manner, because it will pass." Patrick L. Kroupa & Hattie Wells (2005) Ibogaine in the 21st Century: Boosters, Tune-ups and Maintenance, MAPS, Volume XV, Number one.