We share your serious concerns about staying clean long-term. Realistically, Ibogaine detox with a therapeutic aftercare program will get you going strong on the path of healing.  To achieve full recovery from a state of drug-dependency, most people need long-term support. Our dedicated, family-centered care extends through the period of 2 years following the residential aftercare program

A few times a year, we host masters of traditional medicine at our retreat center. We also guide journeys to their indigenous communities in Andes mountains. During these week-long retreats, our days are filled with joyful, life-affirming activities - from visits to historic temples and waterfall hikes, to art therapy and healing ceremonies by night.  We encourage family participation to heal and repair significant relationships.

Why do we provide week-long recovery reinforcement retreats?

The simple answer is that Ayahuasca retreats work for long-term recovery maintenance and personal growth. You still can handle life responsibilities and come back couple of times a year, when things get challenging (they will). The goal is to facilitate deep immersion into the healing experience, a much needed "reset." In between the retreats, we recommend committing to integration activities: individual and group therapy, physical training, art and meditation.

Unlike Ayahuasca tourism, our retreats are focused on therapeutic integration of your experience into daily life. This integral model bridges transpersonal psychotherapy, family system therapy and legal Ayahuasca ceremonies, guided by experienced Curanderos (doctors of indigenous medicine). As a principle of ethics, we practice sustainable and fair exchange with Curanderos and their communities. You can be sure that you have access to the sacred medicine altar in an good way.

This comprehensive approach is therapeutically-sound, evidence-based and backed by growing volume of scientific research in the field of psychoactive-assisted recovery.  It is different from a 12-step, because it honors your unique path of self-actualization as a person, not an addict. It recognizes your natural need to alter consciousness and experience expanded states of awareness in a ceremonial setting. Abstinence from illegal drugs and alcohol doesn't mean denial of your natural need to commune with sacred plant medicines. In fact, some addicts are able to recover only through access to ceremonial use of ancestral sacraments, such as Ayahuasca. 



DECEMBER 14 - 21, 2017

Our ongoing retreats are designed to be heart-opening and transformative adventures. Consider them as an option for holidays and getaways as you deepen your healing work. You are welcome to bring your friends and family.

Space is limited. Please call us to reserve your participation.