Ibogaine treatment is a decisive step on the path of living free from pain meds.

By addressing the physical, emotional, and psychological pain that leads to dependency on painkillers you can move forward to the next chapter of your life. Our comprehensive program supports a holistic recovery process all the way.

They didn’t just help me get off pain pills ­ Norco, Lorcet and Diazepam ­ at Living Clean I was actually able to resolve my chronic knee pain, so I don’t have to take any pills naturally!
— Laura, Age 58

Experience the Living Clean Ibogaine difference:

Access our intercultural medicine treatment plan to end painkiller dependency. Resolve the root causes, not the symptoms!

  • Licensed Naturopathic Doctor with 15 years of experience

  • Expert-level psychotherapy

  • Accredited nutritional therapy

  • Traditional medicine from recognized indigenous healers

  • Yoga therapy and somatic therapies

  • Acupressure and acupuncture

  • Equine therapy

Why this specialized treatment is required to stop using prescription pain medications?

 You've embarked on a life-changing journey with ibogaine. Let us help you reach the shore.

You've embarked on a life-changing journey with ibogaine. Let us help you reach the shore.

If coming off pain meds was as easy as prescribing them, simply weaning off as doctors suggest wouldn’t be so challenging.

In reality, painkillers can lead to severe dependency issues and are considered the "fastest growing drug problem in the U.S. A problem that has reached epidemic proportions.” In fact prescription drug overdose is now rated as # 1 cause of accidental death, leading to more fatalities than car accidents.

What must be considered from a treatment standpoint is that getting off pain meds implies resolving the emotional or physical pain that caused the addiction in the first place. Understanding and addressing this complexity with adequate therapeutic means is what renders our program unique in the field of Ibogaine therapy.

At Living Clean we practice a complementary medicine approach. Our expert team includes a Naturopathic M.D., Clinical Psychologists and Traditional Healers who are united with the goal of helping our clients restore their health, reduce pain, and end their addiction to pain meds with the use of Ibogaine.

Our holistic approach consists of three distinct phases: preparation, Ibogaine detox and integration therapy. Each treatment phase will be individualized to meet your unique needs and directed towards long­term outcomes.

You may wonder: Why can't Ibogaine alone end my addiction to pain meds?

Ibogaine is exceptionally effective in interrupting addiction to opiates and it is the only scientifically known medicine that "resets" opiate receptors in the brain, returning the mind to its pre­addicted state. Addiction to pain meds however doesn't just affect the mind, especially when it stems
from a physical problem.

While more and more people have discovered the groundbreaking effects of Ibogaine as an addiction interrupter, it has also become common knowledge among researchers and providers that effective Ibogaine treatment alone is not enough to fully address addiction to pain killers.

Ibogaine providers have realized that in most cases a preparatory phase prior to detox is essential to the safety and depth of the Ibogaine treatment experience and that the post­treatment therapy (aftercare) is directly related to successful long­term outcomes and relapse prevention. Scientists from a world leading research organization, MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Research), have stated, "aftercare is the single most important factor in Ibogaine therapy".

At Living Clean Ibogaine we are proud to offer the only program in the field of Ibogaine therapy that combines traditional wisdom, western medicine and integral psychology ­ an intercultural and holistic combination that will support your journey from detox to full recovery. Here you'll be immersed in gentle but powerful synergy of ancient and new therapies that have the power to transform human lives and health.