"The location, people, and general vibe here are absolutely amazing."

My name is Rob; I am 28 years old and can say proudly I am no longer a depressed, moody, self loathing, suicidal, maniac, heroin addict. Why? I sought to change my life by going to Living Clean because I was literally knocking on deaths door because my life had become a daily game of Russian Roulette with 5 bullets in a six shooter. My will to live ceased to be and I believe that the only reason I was alive because natural instinct will always overrule a terrible physical and mental state, but eventually the latter will prevail if you let it.

I honestly thought I would join the 27 club and not see my 28th birthday, and I was prepared, almost waiting for it. Luckily my loving family intervened at just the right moment and sent me to Mexico for my birthday to get my life straight. This birthday present will be the reason I get to see many more birthdays!

During my stay at Living Clean Ibogaine I had the opportunity to find myself and discover many new things. It was an experience I will never forget. I do not want to share my actual experience with the Iboga plant itself as everyone will differ with everyone in their personal experience. All I can say in regards to the Iboga is it is by far the most powerful, enlightening, and terrifying experience I have ever had. It is definitely not for the faint of heart and you must be mentally prepared for it, but there is truly nothing that can prepare you for the experience. Do some research before you go and formulate your own opinion on it, as I did. My experience differed from absolutely everything I read and learned about it.

The level of understanding and care exercised at Living Clean is like no where else I have ever been. 

The level of understanding and care exercised at Living Clean is like no where else I have ever been. The staff all has a genuine interest in you and your well being with no ulterior motives as I have had happen other places. Through the use of various natural plant medicines, therapy sessions and focus on the general living of a healthy lifestyle, which range from diet, to outdoor physical exercise and spiritual exploration. I can say my life was changed for the better. In many positive ways, not just the breaking of my addiction and self destructive, self sabotages nature.

The main thing I discovered is that everything there is too make you work thru your own issues and demons which is done by you own self determination, not the staff. The staff is there to guide you and keep you “in check” per say. They are not there to shun you and tell you what to do. If you want rules and regulation and authoritarian approach to recovery this is NOT the place for you.

Be prepared to learn to love yourself again and, most importantly, love life again!

I was told before my arrival that I had to rely on my own self discipline. If you are sneaky or manipulative be prepared to let that nature go, because no one will call you out on it. You will feel guilty because they will do nothing but show care and concern. You will be shown a type of love that you probably never experienced before or it has been many years. That was definitely the case with me. I had a skewed view of myself and people around me before I went to Living Clean. Be prepared for unconditional care, be prepared to learn to LOVE YOURSELF again and most importantly LOVE LIFE again!!!

Being a heroin and prescription pill junky for many years I lost sight of what life was all about and had to have someone show me. Really I’m not sure I ever knew…. The focus of Living Clean is an entire lifestyle change. A change in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state! All these areas are touched on must be in order to invoke a permanent lifestyle change. If you attempt to hold on to any old detrimental lifestyle habits they will do nothing but destroy you when you return to “normal life”. Whatever that may be!

The location, people, and general vibe here are absolutely amazing.

There is something special about this place I couldn’t put my finger on. The location, people, and general vibe here are absolutely amazing. You will become in touch with nature, people, and most importantly yourself on level never achieved before. This was for sure the case with me.

Whether you are going for drug addiction, psychological issues or a dual diagnosis of both (as was my case) you will be pleasantly surprised at the end result and most likely won’t want to leave when the time comes. I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to stay and be part of the great things happening there! On the flip side of that I was ready to leave and discover what life now had to offer.

I now have an insatiable appetite for life versus an insatiable appetite for drugs. To achieve this, my best suggestion is when you wake up everyday while at Living Clean tell yourself, “Today I am stepping out of my comfort zone and that is ok!”. Then try to roll this over into your life permanently, not just while at Living Clean. If you don’t do this you will never change! To have success at Living Clean and in your life you must accept your problems with no denial and most importantly be willing to change!!!

I am writing this over 2 months down the road from my arrival, the reason being that I hope my testimony will inspire someone to make the decision to “bite the bullet” before its too late and make a change, a permanent and lasting change. 

I was asked to write this testimony already having plans to do so because my life was so heavily impacted by my experience in Mexico. I am ashamed of some of things I have done, but I am not ashamed of what I have become. My name is Rob, I am 28 years old and I am now a Life Addict.